Since May 2019 CoolRail, the first train connection for the transport of fresh produce, has been operating between the south and northwest of Europe. The purpose of CoolRail is to transport fresh products in a more sustainable and efficient way. It is a distribution network that connects Valencia with Rotterdam and other destinations such as the United Kingdom, the Nordic countries, Germany and Poland.

Who is CoolRail for?

CoolRail is there for every company, producer or cooperative that wants to transport products with climate control, including fruit and vegetables from Spain to Europe, specifically to Holland, United Kingdom, Nordic countries, Germany and Poland, among others. 

Albert Heijn • Delhaize • Bakker Barendrecht • DailyFresh • Visbeen • Euro Pool System • Kloosterboer • Origin Fruit Direct • Zuvamesa • Colruyt • Bollo • Agroiris • TobSine • Pozo Sur • Coop Trading • Salling Group • Primaflor • Agroiris • Catman North • TobSine • DHL • Anecoop


The rail connection is dedicated to satisfy the specific demands placed on fresh produce: fast, reliable and temperature-controlled.

Advantages of CoolRail

CoolRail, powered by Transfesa Logistics, is just as fast as road transport, but much more sustainable. It is a responsible alternative to road transport that achieves a CO2 reduction of 70% to 90%!


Transfesa Logistics and Euro Pool System start a collaboration on CoolRail routes to extend the service throughout Europe. The need to reduce road transport movements in the fresh food supply chain between South and North is growing. Spain is the major trading partner for North West Europe for imports of fresh produce such as oranges, tomatoes and cucumbers. This produce is now mainly transported by road.

The alliance between Euro Pool System and Transfesa Logistics makes a wider network available to the market. In addition to the main route to Rotterdam, new destinations include the United Kingdom, the Nordic countries, Germany and Poland, among others. The CoolRail service will use the vast infrastructure of DB Cargo, the main shareholder of Transfesa Logistics.